Final Drafts for Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 10-12 curriculum have been submitted. Once these are posted publicly on the Ministry curriculum site, a final feedback round will occur. This feedback will be collected and applied during the final editing round in Spring 2017.

This curriculum reflects the growing need to offer a University admissible, high-level Computer Science course and the need to incorporate more aspects of design for the web, digital literacy, and mobile technology.

These curriculum drafts are updated as of May 6, 2016.

Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) – Information Technology Grade 10-12 Courses

Web Development 10 Design and development for the web. Focused on a user centered approach to front-end and back-end web development with options to include content managements systems and HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
Computer Studies 10 Basics of computer hardware, software, programming, and Internet and society, digital literacy.
Digital Communications 11 Writing for digital platforms. Social media and the role of the internet in evolving global communications.
Computer Information Systems 11 Basics of computer hardware, software, networking, digital security, peripherals, and careers in computing. 
Computer Programming 11 (ADST) Intro to Computer Programming, project based course. Language agnostic with a focus on deconstructing existing code to create customized solutions to design challenges.
Computer Science 11 (Math) A rigorous computer science course that is geared towards students destined for university computer science and engineering courses. Pre-requisite for Computer Science 12.
Digital Media Development 12 Media design and application specifically geared towards digital platforms.
Computer Information Systems 12 Advanced hardware, software, security, networking and digital literacy course. Focused on application of CIS 11 principles, specifically computer network operation and management.
Computer Programming 12 (ADST) Continuation from Programming 11 focusing on the development of programs using the skills from Programming 11.  Students build programs to solve predetermined problems.
Computer Science 12 (Math) Rigorous, pre-University course focused on the application of Computer Science 11 principles in preparation for university level computer science studies.



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