2017 President’s Report

Jon Hamlin CUEBC President

2017 marks the BCTF’s anniversary — 100 years of service and support to BC teachers! This year, CUEBC is celebrating 37 years of support for teachers using technology in their classrooms. In the last 37 years, a lot has changed in terms how we use technology to enhance our teaching, but what hasn’t changed is the type of educator who attends a CUEBC event. These educators truly embody the spirit of lifelong learning. These are educators who aren’t afraid to take risks and keep trying new things. These are the educators of all ages and backgrounds, who are always looking to keep evolving their practice. Thank you for being here!

Over the past year we had three main mandates:

First was to continue to review the ADST coding curriculum and support the teachers exploring this exciting new world. CUEBC executive members facilitated Pro-D sessions at a number of outreach workshops in Prince George, Surrey, and Victoria, in addition to creating and publishing resources on our CodeBC.ca website. In the past year, we have developed a free “Introduction to Computational Thinking” course, and have also cultivated an extensive network of over 30 coding support mentors across the province. These teachers, community members and industry professionals are available to support teachers in the realm of coding and computational thinking online across BC.

Our second main area of focus was on the Teacher Education branches of BC post-secondary schools. We attended sessions at UBC and SFU Teacher Education Pro-D days and continued our support and involvement with the BCTF New Teachers’ conference. These are always fun and engaging events to connect with educators new to our profession, and we anticipate more new teachers will become CUEBC members as they begin their teaching careers.

Our third mandate was to continue to facilitate exciting opportunities with our Spheros Inquiry projects. Over the last year we co-ordinated class sets of Sphero SPRKs and iPad minis. In 2016-17, these sets were delivered to Jol Drake and Rick Botero’s classrooms in Coquitlam, and Staci Woodruff and Margaret Westaway’s classes in Surrey. In 2017-18, classes in the North Okanagan/Shuswap, Cariboo/Chilcotin, and Vancouver will all receive these class sets. You can find our more information on their experiences on our website.

On a personal note, it has been an honour to serve the CUEBC executive since 2009, and as President in 2016-17.  As CUEBC members, we share a common bond as lifelong learners, and our diversity and breadth of practice is what makes our PSA extraordinary. Finally, 2017 was a notable year for our past-president, Mike Silverton. Retired from classroom teaching, he is now the Western Canada leader of Coding Quest, a free coding program open to all teachers. Most notably, however, Mike has received the honour of a BCTF Lifetime Membership. This is a prestigious award to honour his years of selfless service to the BCTF and to educators across our province. Mike, thank you for being a mentor to so many in this PSA and beyond. Congratulations!

Jon Hamlin  


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