Conference 2015

Presenter’s Resources and Links From the 2015 Conference

George Couros

Keynote Address



Show Your Story with Adobe Voice

by Gary Toews & Deirdre Degagne

Find, Check, Share: Curration and the Web

by John Goldsmith

50+ Ways to be a More Efficient Online Educator

by Christopher Rozitis

50+ Ways to be a More Efficient Online Educator (pdf)

My Battery is Low…and I forget my password

Student led inquiries and other messy projects

by Rory Payment

Productivity meets Technology (pdf)

Inquiry Framework 2015-2016 (pdf)

Inquiry Plan Template (pdf)

RSA Animate Style PLUS Common Craft Style video. Non-artists welcomed

by Lisa Donovan


Diarama meets Hollywood! Stop-Motion Photograhy

by Bryon Carpenter

Teaching Computer Science Best Practices: How to create programming gurus

by Robert Arkelitian

3D Printing – One Teacher’s Experience

by Lisa Mulzet

Presenation on

iMovie in the News

by Paul Klintworth

Technology in the Humanities Classroom

by Linda Kwan

Flipping 101: The What, Why, and How of the Flipped Classroom

by Sean Robinson


Introduction to the Arduino Board

by Bernhard Zender

CUEBC Arduino Hands-on 2015 (pdf)


Nurturing Digital Citizens – Digital Storytelling with Primary Prosumers

by Kevin Amboe

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