Hour of Code


Official Hour of Code Resources

K-5 Mini-Course Sign-Up

K-8 Mini Course Sign-up

Course 1 – Early Readers (Ages 4-6)

Course 2 – Introduction (Ages 6+)

Course 3 – Dig Deeper (Age 6+)


Additional Resources

Code.org (Primary/Middle)

Lightbot (Primary)

Tynker Puzzles (Primary)

Microsoft Touch Develop (Primary, includes educator notes)

Microsoft YouthSpark (Primary)

Processing (Middle/Secondary)

Code Avenger: Hour of Code with Ada Lovelace)

Code Academy (Middle/Secondary)

Khan Academy (Middle/Secondary

Make Mobile Apps (Middle/Secondary)

Try Python (Secondary)


Unplugged Options

View lesson plans for unplugged Hour of Code activities

Computer Science Unplugged


Gamification Options

Code Combat (middle-secondary)

Code Warriors (middle-secondary)

Codin Game (secondary)

Code.org Flappy Bird (primary )

Tynker Games (organized by grade level)

Code Hunt (primary / middle)