Welcome to the CUEBC Sphero / iPad Mini Inquiry Project

Recipients of the Sphero / iPad Inquiry Project are:

Teacher District Grade / Subject Timeframe
Staci Woodruff SD36 Surrey Gr. 5 & 3 April – June 2017
Margaret Westaway SD36 Surrey Gr. 3-6 April – June 2017
Quinn Olson SD83 North Okanagan Shuswap Gr. 5/6 Oct – Dec 2017
Lisa Coombs SD83 North Okanagan Shuswap Gr. 3 Oct – Dec 2017
Dominic Maggiolo VSB FRIMM 5/6 Jan – Spring Break 2018
Isabella MacQuarrie SD27 Cariboo Chilcotin Learning Support Jan – Spring Break 2018
Derek Wintermans SD43 Coquitlam Science & Tech 11 April – June 2018
Kaycee Howard SD43 Coquitlam FRIMM 4/5 April – June 2018


What you get

12 Sphero SPRK+  

12 iPad Minis

1 hour of initial setup support*

Free pickup and delivery 


What we would like from  you

Blog post including images and/or video that illustrate your experience. (see example from Rick Botero)

Sharing of any resources you found or created.

Your top tips & tricks for other teachers who may be interested in these for their classrooms. (what worked well / what didn’t)

Possibility of sharing your experience at an upcoming CUEBC conference

Support Resources

Activity Ideas with Sphero (Apple iBook)

Get your class rolling with Sphero (Presentation)

Lesson Plans

Time, Speed, and Distance

Hydro-Hypothesis STEM challenge

Bridge Builder STEM challenge

Maze Mayhem

Chariot Challenge

Exploring variables & conditionals

SPRK Core Lessons

Lesson plans for Sphero Integration

Lightning Lab Activities

* Due to the fact we are volunteers, and full time teachers as well, we are limited in the amount of on-site technology support we can offer. We are excited about what you discover and challenges you encounter and will endeavour connect you with appropriate support resources where we can.  We hope that you can curate a network of collaborators within your school or collegial group to strengthen and reinforce the inquiry experience for you and your students.