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Joining CUEBC

  • Any BCTF member can join CUEBC
  • B.C. University students, Student Teachers, or Retirees can join at a subsidized rate.
  • Non-BCTF members can join as subscribers for a small annual fee.

Memberships run for 12 months from the date processed. Apply online today at the BCTF PSA Membership Page

For information concerning PSA applications, view their website or contact the BCTF at
(604) 871-1848 or 1-800-663-9163.


CUEBC executive

CUEBC Executives consists of BCTF members who volunteer their time to serve the members of the Provincial Specialist Association of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation.

Name & E-Mail Title Twitter
Dave McCristall President @davemccr
Cari Wilson 1st Vice-President @kayakcari
Persis Hui 2nd Vice-President @phui
Dennis Wong Treasurer @dwong43
Richard Cooper Secretary @rcsd43
Darren Yung Publications @penphoe
James McConville Registrar @jmcconville1000
Mike Silverton Past-President & Member at Large @msilverton
Jon Hamlin Past President & Member at Large @jonhamlin

CUEBC History

President Name Term
Barry Underwood 1980-1985
Barbara Kelly 1985-1986
Dave Squires 1986-1989
Gord Edmonds 1990-1991
Sharon Koshman 1992-1993
David Brear 1994-1996
Al Maxwell 1997-1998
Linda Dyck 1999-2000
Ben Vriend 2001
Lauren Exter 2002
Kevin Amboe 2003
Shelley Wilcox 2004-2005
James McConville 2006-2007
Mike Silverton 2008-2016
Jon Hamlin 2017-2018
Dave McCristall 2018-Present