District LSA Sponsorship

Background …

A goal of the BCTF Provincial Specialist Association Council (PSAC) and CUEBC is to encourage formation of LSA’s.  Therefore, a reason for this Guidebook is to support and encourage development of Computer Using Educators of BC (CUEBC) chapters of Local Specialist Associations (LSA’s). Another reason for this Guidebook is to clarify the roles, responsibilities and procedures associated with establishment and ongoing activities of an LSA.

What is a LSA …

An LSA functions at the local or district level to directly provide support and a voice to its members.  If the LSA wishes to be associated with the Provincial Specialist Association, then they become a chapter of the PSA. Being a chapter of a PSA such as CUEBC has some advantages such as those identified below.

Why have a LSA …

Local Specialist Associations are a group of teachers with the same interests as the PSA.  A chapter affords opportunity for teachers to discuss local problems and to exchange ideas. A group of enthusiastic teachers can invite speakers to locally sponsored workshops and can work through the local teachers’ union on local conditions that need improvement. This group may meet several times during the year.  Members have the option of being members of the PSA, although this is not a requirement, except for the executive of the LSA.

The Benefits of a LSA …

An annual grant of $500 is available from CUEBC providing financial details (budget and year-end report), a list of executive member names, an outline of the activities planned for the year, a copy of any policies and procedures established for the LSA, and an indication of memberships is reported to the treasurer of CUEBC.

CUEBC may be able to assist with professional development plans, presenters, communication, recruitment, and administrative tasks.

LSA’s can bring local concerns to the PSA, which can then be brought forward to the BCTF at the PSAC meetings providing, thus you a voice provincially.  (See Appendix B – Where do PSA’s fit in the BCTF)

Some union locals provide up to $400 per year to support the operation of a LSA.

Read the full CUEBC LSA Guidebook for more details and an application

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